Google AdWords ManagementReach customers in Google at the precise time they’re ready to buy.

Google AdWords Campaigns

Running campaigns on Google can be expensive if they’re not managed by certified and experienced experts. At NRN Global, our job is to maximize your return on investment and ensure you’re only paying for high quality clicks that convert into real customers.

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Keyword Triggers

Not all keywords are valued equally. Some carry commercial intent, some are informational and others are irrelevant money-wasters. NRN Global constantly refines target keywords, groups them strategically and manages their bids to maximize performance.


Are your ads serving where your most valuable customers are located? Or where your cost-per-click is the lowest? Optimizing location targets is a key factor for success. We will maximize your visibility and clicks from locations driving the best results while exclude those which are performing poorly.

Split Testing

Split testing elements and touch points in your acquisition funnels such as ad versions and landing pages help improve results over time. What unique selling propositions is your audience most responsive to? Which landing page has a higher conversion rate? Are visitors actually reading the page?

Landing Pages

Your website pages are responsible for converting visitors into customers. NRN Global will help optimize your site’s user experience and content to maximize these conversion rates. Google also rewards advertisers who offer great user experiences with lower click costs and higher ad positions, which translate into more customers at lower acquisition costs.



The first step is learning about your business, industry, goals and expectations. This helps us evaluate your AdWords account and build the foundation of your strategy. The more we understand your business and customers, the better results you’ll get! We continue using this consultative approach with all our clients to always learn more and deliver the best value.


If you currently have an AdWords account, we offer a free account evaluation. Our evaluations reveal opportunities which will transform your AdWords onto a profit generating machine. Our approach to auditing reveals opportunities that increase ROI every single time. You have no risk, no obligation.

Build & Launch

Campaigns are developed and configured by our team of Google certified specialists using the newest features available. Our best practices along with a deep understanding of your business set the stage for success. Upon launch, we watch closely and make adjustments to quickly achieve stabilization and profitability.

Analyze & Optimize

As data collects from running your ad campaigns, we analyze and extract valuable business insights. These data-driven insights allow us to tweak and optimize various elements to improve results. Optimization updates happen on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Rinse & Repeat

Each tweak, optimization and split test delivers new data insights and unlocks new opportunities. This is a constant cycle of improvement that yields more and more results. We’ll send you frequent performance reports showing key business and performance metrics so you’re always in the loop.