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Our approach to auditing reveals opportunities that increase ROI every single time.

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What is Covered:

Wasted Spend

Where your ad dollars are being wasted and how to fix it. Click cost and search term analysis.

Landing Pages

Are your pages optimized to maximize visitor-to-customer conversions.

Goal Tracking

The current state and accuracy of your goal conversion tracking.

Ads & Keywords

Are your ads and keywords relevant and being split tested? How are your quality scores and impression share?

Biggest Winners & Losers

The main items which are harming or helping your performance.

Competitive Analysis

What keywords and strategies your competitors are using.



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During this call, we will learn more about your business, goals, and challenges. This info is needed for a quality audit.


Your account evaluation will be completed by a Google-certified specialist within 5 business days.


Once complete, we’ll schedule a screen-share with you to present our findings. You will get to see for yourself where the golden opportunities lay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Group 1

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Our Google AdWords evaluations are 100% free. No pressure, no obligation. Our goal is to establish long term partnerships with our clients and we’re willing to invest time necessary to prove our expertise.

Who evaluated my account?

All of our AdWords Specialists have been certified by Google and extensively trained in-house. We’ve have managed big and small campaigns across all networks, including Google Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping ecommerce. Our expert knowledge and years of experience ensures our AdWords evaluations are jam packed with valuable insights.

Will you make any changes?

No. We will not make any changes during the evaluation. Changes and optimization can happen if you decide to hire us which gives us the time and resources needed to make a real positive impact and drive results.

Group 2

Are evaluations the same for everyone?

Your business is unique and your AdWords account should reflect that and be optimized specifically for you. We don’t use standard cookie-cutter templates and each evaluation is presented live, so you’re able to freely ask questions.

How do you get access to our Google AdWords account?

As a digital marketing agency we link your account with our client management account. With this type of access, you’re able to unlink us at anytime, your login information isn’t shared and we won’t have access to your billing information. This takes less than 5 minutes and we’ll walk you through every step.